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—Dr. Peggy O’Neal

Chronic Care Management

Chronic Care Management (CCM) is a vital component of primary care that leads to better outcomes for patients. Many Medic”are beneficiaries exhibit two or more chronic conditions, and as a result, these patients can greatly benefit from enrollment in a Chronic Care management plan. Statistically, patients who receive CCM services have far better outcomes than those who do not. 

Imagine Health Care exists to offer personalized Chronic Care Management plans for Medicare recipients in addition to their traditional doctor visits.  Through our services, patients have direct access to our team of healthcare professionals, and as a result of working with us, they are able to improve their quality of health. As a result of our efforts, we are able to catch and reduce unnecessary hospitalizations and complications for our patients. This process also positively impacts primary care by allowing the physician to remain a major component in the treatment and structured monitoring of a patient’s care.

Benefits of Chronic Care Management

Offers patients access to a team of dedicated health care professionals who will assist them in planning for better health.
Allows patients to receive an individualized comprehensive care plan.
Provides patients with much needed support between medical visits.
Supports patient compliance and helps patients feel more connected to their health care provider
Provides access to  additional resources to help medical practices care for high risk patient needs

Currently, Imagine Healthcare provides Chronic Care Management assistance to patients who experience two or more of the following diseases:



Cardiovascular Disease




Infectious Disease


Substance Abuse

Patient Care Plans

Imagine Health Care serves as a bridge to improve relationships between the provider and the patient by serving as liaisons between the two entities. Our staff members serve as active listeners during CCM conversations with patients, and they are able to offer patients education, resources, and referrals back to their primary care providers for same day appointments in emergency situations. As a result of this partnership, patients are assured they will receive accurate follow up services with their primary care provider and treatment tailored to current medical needs.